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General Sites

What is money? The British Museum's World of Money Website         

WorldHistory.com article about commodity money


Howstuffworks "How Currency Works"

Nova - the history of money A timeline of development of money.

What is Money? - article from SocialStudiesHelp

What is the purpose of money?


The Money Museum - good pictures of different kinds of commodity money


Commodity Money in Africa                                                                           

The Artistry of African Currency

Manillas - arm and ankle rings used as currency in West Africa - pictures

The Unusual Katanga Cross

African Currencies



Wampumworks History

Material Rhetoric: Wampum Records - What is wampum?

Woven Wampum Beadwork



Salt made the world go round

Salt.org's    more information - scroll down

History of salt from the Salt Institute

Trading gold for salt

Salt in world history: economics from Cargill Salt, San Francisco           

42 Explore's Salt Pages - heaps of links


"Salt: trade across time and cultures" by Susan Marlow can be found at 960 MAR.  It's all about the salt trade in Africa.
"Life in Ancient Africa" by Hazel Richardson at 960 RIC has pages about the salt and gold trade in Africa.



Tea money of China                                                       

Picture of a Tea Brick

History of Chinese Tea

Tea bricks


Cowrie Shells and Shell Money                                                             

Cowrie shells: the currency of Africa

Cowrie shells from China

Encyclopedia.com article about cowrie

Shell money of the Pacific Islands

Note on shell money: Solomon Islands and New Britain

Necklace Money

Tolai Tabu - traditional shell money

Love to Know: 1911 Encyclopedia: shell money